Williams released Mercedes FW38 in official site


Team Williams F1 is indeed the new car will be introducing a new pramusim Barcelona F1 test (22/2). But the hold Williams have online alerts you description FW38, new cars for this season.

The introduction of a new car the Williams team with code FW38 already offered on the official site team; www.williamsf1.com. Indeed in general there is no striking change in commanded Sir Frank Williams.

The material drivers still rely on Valtteri Bottas and Felipe Massa and indeed lack the Williams team last season there in the car sector.

As a result of passing the initial launch at the team disclosed when research and development undertaken since December last season to test pramusim on the track ahead of Catalonia, Barcelona is fixing weaknesses FW37.

So the hosts later this season, a car, became FW38 be performance and supporting the talents Valtteri Bottas and Felipe Massa could continue to compete to seize the podium.

"We are willing to learn from the weaknesses and turn them into strengths. That is the philosophy that underlies architecture FW38. In general there are no changes in the regulatory sector. Our priority is to make cars that their performance is stable and also empowered the high resistant, "light Pat Symmonds as Chief Technical Office Williams F1.

Sir Frank Williams ever disclose when this season be a momentum for the team, based in Oxfordshire, United Kingdom can Groove on fight captured the top Board.

"For too long we do not cheer for top-tier competition. The momentum that we feel can grasp after three seasons has a foundation to it. Last season being a good target achievement of finishing 3 large in the constructors ' Championship. This season we are looking forward to be able to compete at the top, "imbuh as a team principal Frank Williams.

The composition of the drivers is not different to last season and given the car claimed weapons better than last season.

In fact, Williams was a candidate who cannot be shrunk to able to compete in the top row.

Baleno RS, The Latest Hatchback Car Candidate Suzuki Indonesia


Different from the first in Frankfurt, September of last year. Maruti Suzuki Baleno RS hatchback concept showcased by design more actual production model. This one will greet potential hatchback.

Maruti brings a more aggressive ideas otobib with additional elements on multiple sides. Design a new grille and bumpers, as well as splitter plus the spoiler lips also changed from the first concept.

Leading to the stern of the aerodynamic design, also strengthened through an additional diffuser. New 16-inch alloy wheels and an additional side skirt, so it looks more ceper.

For India's own market, Maruti Suzuki offers two engine choices, Boosterjet 1.2 litter petrol powered 83 Hp and torque of 115 Nm, and diesel-powered litter 1.3 75 Hp and a torque of 190 Nm.

If Suzuki Indonesia preaching will be releasing new models in hatchback, this model (Baleno RS) is very potential, including the All New SX4. But if the other options are selected, then it is likely just a refresher on the old models like Swift.

Officially released, the price of All New Pajero Sport from Rp 446 Million In Indonesia


PT Krama Yudha Tiga Berlian Motors (KTB) has finally officially launched the All New Pajero Sport, today is Friday (29/1). Mitsubishi sales are the backbone of Indonesia in this passenger segments, ranging from dibanderol Usd 446 million.

Reserved price, All New Pajero Sport thin difference of All New Fortuner. The choice is not too much, because it only offered in four variants. Exceed in the middle class instead of the cheapest dibanderol Usd 446 million. Because it is only available in a choice of 4 x 2.

"We are very confident. the full variant with the best price will meet Indonesia, consumer demand and consumer Pajero Sport earlier, "said Hisashi Ishimaki, President Director of KTB.

Dealing directly with the All New Toyota Fortuner, a SUV that adopt the second generation of DNA the Dakkar rally, got a new revision that is purely to improve the driving experience.

All New Pajero Sport is offered in a choice of three models, namely Dakkar, Ecxeed, and GLX. As the highest grade of Dakkar variants provided new engines, diesel 4N15 MIVEC with VGT and Intercooler, producing 181 Hp at 3500 rpm and torque kgm 43.8 on 2500 rpm.

Toyota Corolla-Faced Mirai Observed Road Test

Toyota Corolla later that his plan will be introduced at this year's observed road test in United States (us). The front of the motor dikamuflase with a type of fabric-Brown.


Interestingly, though, from the grooves that arise, the front (front-end) this car very clearly inspired by Toyota's Mirai, one of the first hydrogen-fuelled car commercial that sold its case is opened in 2014.

Thus, the bumper car will be lower, as well as the distinctive airscoops triangle Mirai is relatively larger than the last version of the Corolla in the front corner.

Meanwhile, according to page Leftlanenews, quoted Sunday (10/1/2016), the rear of the car will be more refined, with updates confined to the rear lights. Allegedly there was no change on the part of the machine.

Meanwhile, according to Caradvice page, the design also inspired by the Corolla Camry. Last year for example, grilles and bumpers Corolla alerts 2015 sold in Australia and Asia are very similar to the Camry.

Corolla 2017 allegedly will be introduced at the North American International Auto Show, Detroit, United States. Predictable, this new car there in http://www.otobib.com/harga-yamaha-nmax.html the showroom of the US in the middle of this year.

In addition, the Corolla arguably the most successful car owned by Toyota. How not, currently, the Corolla is the best selling car of all time, with sales figures by as much as 40 million units in July 2013.