Toyota Corolla-Faced Mirai Observed Road Test

Toyota Corolla later that his plan will be introduced at this year's observed road test in United States (us). The front of the motor dikamuflase with a type of fabric-Brown.


Interestingly, though, from the grooves that arise, the front (front-end) this car very clearly inspired by Toyota's Mirai, one of the first hydrogen-fuelled car commercial that sold its case is opened in 2014.

Thus, the bumper car will be lower, as well as the distinctive airscoops triangle Mirai is relatively larger than the last version of the Corolla in the front corner.

Meanwhile, according to page Leftlanenews, quoted Sunday (10/1/2016), the rear of the car will be more refined, with updates confined to the rear lights. Allegedly there was no change on the part of the machine.

Meanwhile, according to Caradvice page, the design also inspired by the Corolla Camry. Last year for example, grilles and bumpers Corolla alerts 2015 sold in Australia and Asia are very similar to the Camry.

Corolla 2017 allegedly will be introduced at the North American International Auto Show, Detroit, United States. Predictable, this new car there in the showroom of the US in the middle of this year.

In addition, the Corolla arguably the most successful car owned by Toyota. How not, currently, the Corolla is the best selling car of all time, with sales figures by as much as 40 million units in July 2013.


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